Kauss squad

Luigi: Primarily surfer but also brewer and farmer. He has been making, unmaking and inventing beers since 1997.

Graduated in agricultural and food technologies, with a dissertation on beer production, he sharpened his surf skills on Pontechianale Lake and on Varaita Valley snows, and his brewing skills in a craft brewery in Germany, in the Black Forest, after deepening his study on yeast in Denmark.

Diegorepentant climber waiting for new (horizontal) walls to challenge, upright camper and Medal of Farmer Valor, he delights in Business & Barley management. Between nervous breakdowns, he enjoys hand-weeding cultivated fields. He has the gift of finding 4-leaf clovers even where there are none to be seen.



irreducible musician, marketing man and farmer to the need. To the four hops, he prefers the four strings. He started very young his career on the beer world (as a consumer). Some people remember him on international stages next to Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop, many others don’t (he neither).

Among his renowned sentences: “I come from public housing”.



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